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PWP Grads

Having created the print product for Parents with Prospects (PWP) Grads we are now developing the five units into a colourful, interactive elearning product.


We have used bold images, quirky animations and 3-D graphics to illustrate the content and engage our target audience of high school students aged 16- 18.


Using Flash we were able to build our own interface and enhance the usability of the player, as well as develop individual screens that are highly interactive, animated and content driven.





Hounslow Council & Unite Union

Hounslow Council, in conjunction with the Unite Union, approached Prospect Training Services to produce e-learning courses in functional skills maths and English. At Prospect Digital we developed the design, navigation and functionality of the courses using Articulate Storyline.


We wanted to create a course that was engaging for the end users, our target audience being a diverse mix of ages, ethnicities, and skill levels, and that worked on a variety of platforms including iPad and tablets.


Given the diverse target audience, and the large number of modules required to cover the content, we were careful to create a design that wasn’t just an enhanced PowerPoint, but that encouraged users to interact and engage with the content.


Keeping visual interest over the wide number of modules was key; to do this we used a clean design with bold colours, typography and a variety of screens to hold the user’s interest.



Welsh FA

We have recently been asked by the Welsh FA to develop a series of courses for people who want to become football coaches, from grass roots to professional levels.


here are some of the demo screens we have been developing in Storyline. Working from PowerPoint presentations developed by the client, we ‘translated’ the information into engaging and effective elearning . This involved adapting the content to make best use of the features and functions elearning has to offer, as well as editing audio scripts.


In building the courses we took the colours from the Welsh FA branding and created our design around that, using football focused backgrounds and imagery.




Career Ready

We have developed three off-the-shelf courses on CV writing, filling out application forms and interview techniques.


The courses cover the key content required to meet the objectives of a number of exam boards, but also provide practical information, tips and lots of practice to help people who are looking for work improve their chances of success.


As with our other elearning courses, we developed our career ready series to meet the needs of a wide range of users, from school leavers to the long-term unemployed, using clear, ‘plain English’.


The courses are practical in nature, and are tailored so that users must complete exercises related to their own situation and experience, such as identifying their skills, interests, filling in a sample job application form and creating a CV and cover letter.




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