Case studies

Prospect Digital has worked with FAW to develop a platform of eLearning coaching courses from Level 1 grassroots to A licence and Pro licence. These courses deliver theoretical content, ensuring consistent and flexible learning for students. Courses can be accessed via our complete solution Learner Management System FAW Courses.

Our FAW courses can be accessed in 140 countries by over 18,500 coaches, major football professionals and Premier League stars.

We continue to work with FAW to develop new content.

Case study - FAW

Since 2019, Prospect Digital has worked with UKA to develop various projects, including self-guided online modules, courses and platforms to support remote assessments.

We've created many eLearning modules for UKA and the different nations, which can be accessed remotely. In 2019, we developed 15 new eLearning modules covering specific areas in athletics such as endurance, jumps, speeds and throws. Since then, we’ve worked with them to build 13 new modules on clean athletics, leadership and disability and inclusion training. All these modules include interactive activities, quizzes and videos to enhance the user’s experience and were designed to replace contact days.

The projects aim to provide learners with alternative learning journeys, which they could complete away from the classroom at a time that suits them but still meets UK Athletics Quality Assurance requirements, philosophy and standards.

With every project Prospect Digital has worked on, UKA is presented with a detailed project plan at the start of any project, which is completed on time. If there are any issues, Prospect Digital are flexible with changes or challenges and project risk is well managed.

We continue to work with UKA to develop new content.

Case study - UK Athletics

Croydon has several additional restrictions in place regarding vehicle access and width. At peak times, the road space is full of traffic, which results in onsite delays, missed timeslots and deliveries circling the site until they can be redelivered. Croydon Council needed a method to control the level and timing of construction traffic to benefit all parties, reducing the traffic and avoiding delays to deliveries.

Prospect Digital developed a new app, Origin to Destination (O2D), for individual drivers and larger organisations. O2D is a real-time delivery, tracking and call-in system, a logistics solution designed to allow permitted users at every stage of the supply chain full sight and input to ensure the on-time and efficient delivery of goods. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions, traffic congestion and HGV-related accidents.

Case Study - Origin To Destination